Studio Ubud is your bridge to exceptional 2D animation.

We’re a passionate team of 100 in-house animators, breathing life into the worlds of popular Japanese anime.

For over eight years, we’ve collaborated with esteemed studios, leveraging our expertise to work on over 100 beloved anime productions.

Our mastery lies in the art of 2D animation – from in-between drawing and compositing to painting and brushwork.

What sets us apart?

Seamless Collaboration: Fluent communication in Japanese and English fosters a collaborative spirit, ensuring your vision is meticulously translated into stunning animation.

Quality Assurance: Our proprietary SUITS system provides real-time project management and quality control, guaranteeing exceptional results that meet rigorous Japanese industry standards.

In-House Expertise: We nurture a team of highly skilled animators, meticulously trained to deliver consistent quality. No outsourcing, we strive for the success of your project with purely internal talent.

Ready to bring your next anime masterpiece to life?

Explore our “Services” section to discover how our 2D animation magic can elevate your production.

Partner with Studio Ubud and let’s create anime that ignites imaginations!